Can I use my Mac or PC to set up my camera?




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    John Ross

    THIS IS STUPID. who ever thought this out didn't think ahead at all. I bought this to keep an eye on the baby at night. I am going to be moving to a new house soon, im glad i bought this 1 cam from you because now i know not to buy any other cams from this company. did you honestly think parents would be ok with having a camera in their kids rooms being accessible over the internet for every perv on the planet? on just my net work fine. over the world wide web , WTF? and dont give me the "you need a password to get acess excuse, we all know how often passwords get hacked.long story short will NOT be buying ANYTHING else from this company.

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    not interested in the growing smart device market.  I needed a security camera for use with my PC.

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