Despicable Me™ Stuart Minion setup (Android and iOS)




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    Cynthia Huggins

    mine says flexcam c832


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    Sean W.

    The primary difference between the setup of the BT Minion and the Flexi Cam is that the Flexi-Cam does not have a switch that you need to place in the up position to start the setup or to move into a down position at the end of the setup process. 

    When you see the Flexi Cam in the Bluetooth connection list, please tap on it.  The Flexi Cam Article will be up early next week but in the meantime, you can generally follow the guide represented in this article for the Bluetooth Minions as the setup is very similar.

    Thank you!

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    Sean W.

    I was just following up to let you know the visual setup guide is now available, for iOS.  Android will be coming shortly, the steps are identical, the screens just look a little different.  Thank you again!

    You can find the article here: 


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